The Trainers’ Notebook


Turpin Communication instructors are dedicated to providing the best presentation and facilitation skills training available. As you can see in these short biographies, our skills as trainers, coaches and workshop designers are enriched by our diverse backgrounds.

Dale Ludwig (Trainer/President) has a Ph.D. in speech communication and, prior to Turpin, taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Turpin name is a reference to a fictional character in one of Dale’s favorite short stories. It was chosen because it sounds nice next to “Communication” and isn’t too hard to spell. Dale founded Turpin Communication in 1992. Since then he has worked to keep the company focused on what it does best: providing presentation and facilitation skills training in small, interactive workshops. He’s also spent a lot of time behind the video camera in the training room and, most recently, in front of the camera as one of the trainers in our online courses.

“A lot of presentation skills training for business people is built on the Public Speaking 101 model. That doesn’t work, primarily because today’s business presenters don’t deliver speeches. They deliver informal, interactive presentations. If your current training vendor hasn’t moved beyond 101, I look forward to speaking with you.”
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Greg Owen-Boger (Trainer/Vice President) has been with Turpin Communication since 1995 as a camera man, trainer, project manager and now as an account manager. Trained in management and the performing arts he brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the organization. During the lean acting years he started OwenProCo Small Business Web Services, which is still in business today and comes in handy when Turpin’s website needs an update. Greg also manages the technology behind our eLearning courses. About that hyphen in his last name, it goes back to the lean acting years when he was ill-advised to lose his last name and go by his middle name. In an even more ill-advised move, he inserted a hyphen when he left the industry.

“What I offer is a deep understanding of how to help people engage their listeners. How to settle their racing minds, think on their feet and initiate a genuine conversation. When people are engaged, their natural communication style kicks in. Once that happens, we usually don’t have to worry about what are traditionally thought of as “delivery skills.” We just get down to the real work of making sure that what’s said is heard.”
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Greg Owen-Boger
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Mary Clare Healy (Trainer) has been working as a communication trainer and consultant for over 20 years. She specializes in management development, presentation and facilitation skills, group process and team building. Mary Clare joined Turpin in 1996. Prior to Turpin she was Director of Management Training for Household International and Director of Marketing for an international communication consulting firm. When she’s not in the training room or in front of the camera as one of our eLearning trainers, Mary Clare is busy keeping up with her sons. There are three of them. It’s not easy.

“Having worked in corporate America as a buyer of training, I understand firsthand the importance of the tailoring process. I also understand the immense value of working on real-life presentation or facilitation situations. Communication skills training that isn’t tailored to focus on real-life situations is never a good investment.”

Sarah Stocker (Trainer/Workshop Coordinator) graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She spent her first 5 years post-college focusing on the Arts part of her degree as a Stage Manager in the theatre world. Then she began slowly shifting to the Communication side of her degree. She worked as a contractor for several Chicago companies, first stage managing corporate theatre productions, and then as a project and logistics coordinator for customized training seminars. She first started working for Turpin in 2005 as a camera operator before progressing to her Workshop Coordinator and Trainer roles. Her expertise lies not only in what happens in the front of room, but also in the behind-the-scenes organization and logistics. Most recently she managed the creation of Turpin’s new online portal, eCoach, and helped develop our eLearning courses. Naturally reserved, Sarah knows a thing or two about the anxiety of speaking to groups. Having overcome her fear of being in the spotlight, she is uniquely positioned to help others through it as well.

“Being nervous is like being in a funhouse. You lose your sense of self, your thoughts are jumbled and you can’t see straight. Then the walls start closing in on you. This is of course no fun at all, and it makes for a pretty awful experience when you’re trying to deliver a presentation to your boss. I love helping people find their own way out of the funhouse.”

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